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Oxonium Ltd. Electrochemical Gas Sensors Manufacture, Research&Development

Oxonium Ltd makes and delivers electrochemical oxygen sensors

      We deliver our production to Europe, Asia, approximately to 165 firms in Russia (actually March 2011).


  • Sensor life 10 years*, warranty 2 – 2,5 years;
  • Built-in transmitter, output - hundreds millivolts in air;
  • Temperature –35...+50oС;
  • Pb free;
  • Minimal size, wide choice of designs.
* Oksik series, air, 20oC

Oxygen sensors according to purpose:

Safety life: Oksik 3, Oksik 7, Oksik 9, Oksik 11
Safety life, mini-size: mini-Oksik 3, mini-Oksik 7
Exhaust gases: Oksik 3E, Oksik 7E, Oksik 9E, Oksik 11E
Fuel gases: Oksik 3F, Oksik 7F, Oksik 9F, Oksik 11F
Technological gases, 0 – 100% O2: Oksik 8, Oksik 10, Oksik 12, Oksik 16
Oxygen impurity at inert gases: Oksik 21N, Oksik 23N, Oksik 25N, Oksik 27N, Oksik 29N

Main series sensors:

Representation in Germany:
MST Intertrade GmbH, e-mail:
Wilhelm-Hertz-Str. 14, 80805 München. Phone +49 89 72999997, Phone/Fax +49 89 266291

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Phone/Fax +7 812 315-1527
e-mail:    P.O. Box 290, 190013, St. Petersburg, Russia.